Improving Your Oral Hygiene

Remove buildup safely and effectively with an ADA approved Waterpik and Water Flosser.

Dr. Piontkowski highly recommends this product for all of our patients including general hygiene patients, patients with oral appliances or brackets, and patients with periodontal issues or sensitivity. Proper oral hygiene is about more than fresh breath; The waterpik  is one of the best ways to help maintain good overall health by removing food debris caught between teeth and under the gum areas.  The modified brush heads that attach to the waterpik help to remove plaque in hard to reach areas quickly and efficiently.
Dr. Piontkowski recommends utilizing these products as a part of your daily oral hygiene regimen: start by using your waterpik, followed by brushing and flossing, and ending with the waterpik. This will ensure a thorough home cleaning to keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy.
Waterpik offers a variety of heads in different styles and sizes for all of its models.
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