Since our founding 1985, we have been dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of patients suffering from complex dental problems, TMJ and sleep breathing disorders.

It is estimated that millions of Americans suffer from these types of disorders at any given time, and many go undiagnosed due to the symptoms that may seem unrelated to the jaw joints and muscles, such as headaches, neck and back aches, ear aches, tooth wear and breakage, snoring and sleep apnea. Due to the complexity of these disorders, it is important to seek a doctor who is formally trained, experienced, and qualified to direct and coordinate the appropriate therapy. Let our doctors help you find solutions to the issues that constantly disrupt and control your life.

At The Washington TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center, we have the answers to your questions. These types of problems will not resolve themselves and can get worse with time. Make an appointment today by calling our office at (301) 839-0055 or (301) 652-3444, or by clicking here to request an appointment online!  


At The Washington TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center our goal is to provide each patient with the most comprehensive approach to treating their problem. Our team consists of highly trained dental professionals who recognize the emotional and physical impact these disorders can have on ones quality of life, and are committed to staying on top of the most advanced treatment techniques and therapies available to better serve our patients.

Over the past three decades, Our Center has successfully developed unique treatment methods - including the most proven conservative, non-surgical results for long term resolution.

At the Center, we do not take a generic “shot gun” approach to therapy. Each patient is treated as an individual with “patient specific” treatment plans. This is the only way that the cause of the disorder can be effectively treated and managed.

We also believe in continuity of care.  Keeping referring doctors informed of their patients progress and educating our colleagues on the new advances in treatment and diagnosis techniques so that they too can better serve the needs of their patients.

I have found my experience with The Washington TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center to be professional and thorough. I was given information about my condition and understood the parameters of my care. At the same time, the office is run in an efficient and professional manner. Your appointment time is actually your time. You are not rushed - and not left waiting. A truely professional staff and great group!
— John, patient